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IMG_2061 I'm going to be brief here as we have family staying with us for the next couple of days! Jordan's dad had a business trip planned to Nashville and we asked if Jordan's youngest sister could tag along! Thankfully, they don't mind cramming into our small apartment.

They arrived just in time for dinner yesterday, so we took them out for some good ol' southern BBQ. We live near several good ones, but my favorite so far is Martin's Bar-B- Que Joint.

And now for the links!

/ / While reading, A Cup of Jo, I was reminded about the newest season of City.Ballet. Did you watch the first season? Each mini episode follows a different dancer or choreographer from the New York City Ballet. I've always been a little obsessed with dance. If a movie or television show (Bunheads, anyone?) centers around dance I am most certainly watching it. In high school, one of my favorite movies was Center Stage (and maybe still!). Dance is a beautiful form of expression.

/ / Caroline, the master of capsule wardrobes, shared her tips on wearing socks with ankle boots.

/ / I'm a total sugar girl; a girl after my father's heart. :-) I do try to be wise with my sugar choices, but I've only recently discovered "sugar" can be replaced with things such as dates! Niamh's Refined Sugar Free Cookies would be a great alternative to satisfy any sweet tooth.

/ / I'm a recent convert to black tea and Daisy's Earl Grey Shortbread Cookies would be the perfect pairing to an evening cup of tea.

/ / During the month of October one of my friends, Emily, took a step back from blogging. Breaktober she deemed this creative break. She recently shared a few lessons she learned and it was a good reminder for me as well. It's so important to listen to yourself and take a couple steps back when life becomes unbalanced. In this age of social media, it can feel like the world will quickly forget about you if you don't post that photo to Instagram. I know I've felt that pressure.

Happy Weekend, y'all!

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