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Flowers ^ Flower market in London (Cheers for photos that have nothing to do with the post!).

When I travel, I usually begin with grand visions (more like illusions!) of waking early to leisurely drink coffee while reading the book I brought along. In reality, I sleep too late and feel rushed to begin the day! In general, I'm not what you call a night owl. My preferred day-to-day bedtime is around 10 pm or even earlier if I am opening because I must get up by 3:30 am. But when I'm visiting a new city or reuniting with friends and family any bedtime plans go right out the window!

Jordan and I arrived home from Chicago late Wednesday evening. We heated our leftover Chicago deep-dish pizza and ate it along side my favorite mixture of summer vegetables while watching Tig Notaro's documentary, Tig. It was the perfect way to wind down after a really full week, which I'll recap more next week.

I'm still rather behind on my Bloglovin' feed, but I managed to squeeze in a few reading sessions on the car ride back.

Speaking of road trips...

/ / 21 Great American Road Trips. Have you driven any of these road trips? Parts of Route 66 is in Illinois, so I've driven stretches of it, but never the whole thing. I would love to drive the Pacific Coast Highway!

/ / Five Day Hair -- No Heat! I used to blow-dry and/or straighten my hair just about everyday. That routine has slowly changed. Now, I could count the number of times I've used my blow dryer this year on one hand! I enjoy having longer hair and limiting heat use (+regular trims!) has helped it remain healthy.

/ / Masquerade Ball in Versailles. Ever since Hannah mentioned she purchased tickets to attend a Masquerade Ball at the Palace of Versailles, I couldn't wait for her recap. I love the idea of costume parties (we need to bring those back on the regular) and I can't imagine a more glamorous location than Versailles!

/ / Is There Still Space for Your Dreams?

"Furthermore, if your dream is big enough, important enough, to merit a life’s work, then the world probably needs you to work on your dream."

Daisy has been knocking it out of the park lately! Her writing is inspirational and thought-provoking, but only in the most tangible way -- I finish reading not only with knowledge, but also confidence to make changes in my own life!

/ / Five Family-Friendly Midwestern Mini-Vacations. One thing I regret now that we don't live in the midwest, is Jordan and I never took a little vacation to one of the coastal towns in Michigan! Lake Michigan is so beautiful and it can be enjoyed not only in Chicago, but also parts of Indiana and Michigan.

Happy Weekend, all!

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