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Weekend Links | A Trendy Gallery Wall

The Bean in Chicago Each day this week I set out to go through a drawer, file random papers, sift through jewelry or organize a kitchen cabinet. Some days it didn't feel like much, but looking back even 15 minutes and one donate bag later made a huge difference! My energy level is pretty low once I get home from work, so I'm trying to set realistic goals.

I feel as though I'm in midst of a calm before the storm kind of crazy. We currently have this juggling act happening and we're not exactly sure where any of our balls will land. The days when I try to think too far in advance or feel the need to understand a plan, I feel rather overwhelmed. When I quiet myself I am reminded of the abundant grace God has shown Jordan and I over the years and those reminders give me the confidence to fully place all my worries on his plate.

Will you watch the Oscars on Sunday? Jordan and I never miss it. I still remember curling up together on my top bunk Freshman year watching the ceremony on my teeny tiny dorm room television. Crash won that year. We were a bit slack on watching movies last year, so this week we rented Spotlight and Steve Jobs. On Saturday our plan is to see The Revenet in theaters. By cramming this week, I hope we made up for our lack of movie watching! Haha.

Onto the links!

Bedroom Gallery Wall | On Monday, I shared a few photos Jordan took while we were in Chicago earlier in the month. They are so beautiful and dreamy. It got me thinking about creating a simple gallery wall above our bed to better incorporate all of the photos we take!

Everyday Meatballs | If I could attend a dinner party hosted by any food blogger it would be Deb from Smitten Kitchen. I have been following her since the beginning of time (Okay, eight years but in blog world that is an eternity!) and her non-fussy, wholesome, comfort food recipes are fail proof. This peach pie is one of my favorites!

How to Add Trendy Pieces to Your Wardrobe Staples | My desire to throw out all of the things in my house, including my wardrobe, is extremely strong right now. I wonder how many of the pieces I'll even like after pregnancy or if it'll fit? My closet is in a transitional period right now.

Banana Bread with Chia Seeds | While rearranging my pantry a package of chia seeds surfaced. I searched for ways to bake with them and found this recipe for banana bread. Oh wow, the protein in chia seeds is no joke! A slice of this kept me full for so long.

A Calm February Morning at the Eiffel Tower | Hannah's photos of the Eiffel Tower have me itching to return to Paris. I can't believe it's been three years since our trip to France! Jordan and I are already planning our next overseas vacation. I want to take advantage of the under two fly free rule!

Happy Weekend, all!


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