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Ohio | Mount Adams

cat_street Along the banks of the Ohio River, sits a metropolis affectionately known as the Queen City. Overlooking the city, a hill rises. Mount Adams watches over the city, the river, and the banks of Kentucky. Even though Cincinnati isn't as large or maybe as exciting as Chicago, it has a charm all its own. This neighborhood oozes charm and is one of my favorite places to visit.

The first time Jordan took me to Mount Adams was New Years Eve weekend in 2005, a few months into our relationship. He had lived in Cincinnati the previous year and was looking forward to showing me around. We only had a few hours to visit the mount before needing to attend a party elsewhere in the city. Thankfully, those road trips to Ohio continued in the following years and visiting Mount Adams became a part of the ritual.


Over this past weekend, Jordan and I attended a wedding in Ohio. This particular wedding was a special one for to us and I really hope my Holga film turns out nicely because it was a beautiful evening.

We had the best time catching up with friends (we call some of them family) and had a chance to visit Mount Adams. I love the narrow streets, quaint row houses, beautiful park space and the breathtaking views of the river. This neighborhood reminds me a little of Laguna Beach, California with houses climbing up the hillside mixed with European charm. Almost every street has a historical building. Among my favorites are the old Holy Cross Monastery and Immaculata Church both of which are from the 1800s.


^ This picture was taken in front of the church, its location has the best view of Cincinnati and the Ohio River valley.



It's never easy to leave Ohio. Until next time...

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