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Peaches and Crème

Peach Pie Chicago is currently experiencing a string of hot days, but I'm still reminded that August is coming to a close: school has begun, sunsets earlier, and stores have started stocking their aisles with sweaters. These are the signs that summer will be leaving us soon. Before fall fully sets in, I'm relishing in the last of the summer produce that is available. Especially peaches!

Every week I have been trying to make a trip to our local farmer's market, but if that hasn't been possible I stock up on organic produce from our grocery store. Lately, peaches have been my go-to fruit. I use them in our spinach smoothies, peach and blueberry crisps, or even simply for an afternoon snack. Last week I decided to branch out and make a pie with my surplus of peaches.

Peach Pie

The process of baking is very cathartic for me. It's amazing to start with simple ingredients that don't amount to much alone (flour, sugar, eggs, etc), but when mixed together they become something great! Usually when I bake I stick with quick, easy, and reliable recipes. Quick breads, cookies, or crisps in the summer tend to be my go-to dessert, but if I have the time I try to challenge myself.

I chose a peach pie from Smitten Kitchen that I had made several summers ago. Sometimes pies can be to doughy, but because this recipe only uses a bottom crust, the result is a lighter dessert. On day one, I prepared the homemade crème fraîche and mixed the pie dough so it could all chill overnight. The next day I cut the peaches and mixed with a little sugar, rolled out the pie dough, and assembled. And you know what? It turned out just like I hoped and it tasted great!

Peach Pie

Peach Pie

What are your favorite ways to bake with summer fruit?

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