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Summertime Vegetables

Summertime Vegetables Early on in our marriage, I thought salads would be the best way for Jordan and I to eat our vegetables. My mom makes excellent salads, but sadly I do not. I never seem to have enough ingredients or the right dressing (I hate salads that are heavy on lettuce, light on toppings). I'd buy a bag of lettuce with the intention to eat salads all week, but something would interrupt our dinner routine and before I knew it the lettuce had gone bad.

I've learned my lesson and realized that the toppings to a salad (carrots, tomatoes, olives, cucumbers, etc) stay fresh longer by themselves than combined in a salad. It's easier to toss in a handful of tomatoes or spinach (that I do keep on hand, but mainly for smoothies) to a dish than preserve fresh lettuce.

Summertime Vegetables

I was flipping through my August issue of Real Simple and the cover recipe caught my attention. The recipe was for Linguine with Summer Vegetables and Goat Cheese. Corn, tomatoes and zucchini are the perfect summer vegetable combination! Growing up, we always ate sweet corn directly from the cob. We never removed the kernels to add to a dish (that would have come from a can of corn), but why not?

The summer sweet corn balances the tartness of the tomatoes (I know everyone says cherry tomatoes are sweet, but it's a different kind of sweet) and the zucchini adds a nice texture. I made the pasta that night for dinner (omitting the walnuts and substituting the goat cheese for feta) and have continued to sauté the three vegetables ever since. We eat them as a side or added to quinoa for a main course.

What are some of your favorite ways to eat summertime vegetables?

Summertime Vegetables

Summertime Vegetables

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