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Family Walks Around Radnor Lake

Lake Radnor Nashville I was not an outdoorsy child. My ideal play landscape was either my doll house or kitchen set, both of which sat firmly on carpet. While I did play sports and went to a summer camp that involved overnight trips, I preferred to stay inside.

While sandboxes weren't my thing, I loved family walks. I remember being really upset when I was too big for my stroller, but eventually I was able to keep up with my brothers.

Lake Radnor Nashville

My friend Lauren and her husband Jon bring their two littles on walks to Lake Radnor regularly. And while we were visiting them last week, they suggested we all go together. Along the trail we were all taken by the beautiful scenery; the colors of fall in full effect!  My favorite part of the day? Scarlett rushing to greet Jordan down the path. Toddlers kind of love him ;-)

Lake Radnor Nashville

Lake Radnor Nashville

^ The sweetest baby around.

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