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To Market, To Market, To Buy a Fat Basket

DSC_0438 Sometimes I am a walking contradiction; I'm not super spontaneous, but I also don't particularly relish planning out details. While traveling in Europe last spring, besides our plane/train/bus rides between each city, we basically free-formed each day and, honestly, it was the best! Jordan and I have always liked to explore without an agenda; keeping an open mind has allowed fun opportunities that might not have happened otherwise. So over the weekend, despite the single-digit weather, we chose to spend an afternoon walking around Chicago (though once the wind picked up I rethought our dismissal of seeing a movie!). We browsed a couple of favorite stores, bought a few Christmas presents, and then magically found a certain item I had been searching for several months to find!

We walked past Fourth Presbyterian Church where they were holding their annual Holiday Fair Trade Gift Bazaar. With a name like, that how could I resist taking a peek? The bazaar sells handmade artisanal items from Ten Thousand Villages.

I've been on the hunt for a large basket with a lid  (Natalie did a round-up, so I'm linking to her) to hold our extra blankets and pillows. I enjoy using baskets to hold anything from magazines to my hair products. They've been a great tool for me to keep my home looking decorated but organized (Why have one blanket when you can have ten?!). Our apartment is from the 1920s and has a very large, traditional dining room, so it has sometimes been tricky to utilize all our space. After some extensive internet searching and pinterest-ing, I found a few baskets I liked, but I wasn't really willing to spend $100+ on a basket. That's why I was thrilled to find baskets everywhere when we entered the church; baskets that were large, the perfect color, and a more reasonable price!


^ I've always loved the courtyard of this church. And it looks exceptionally beautiful all decorated for Christmas.



^And then we had to walk several blocks back to our car with a huge basket ;-)


^ It quickly found its place in our dining room, but I'm thinking of purchasing another from their website to add to our collection!

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