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Lessons I'm Learning (at 27)

P2140029 This photo was taken on Valentines Day with a simple camera that we bought with our wedding money. I was 22 and just figuring out how to be a wife. I wonder what my younger self would think of me now.

If we ran into one another, I would tell her:

  • Sometimes you need to do things more for the other person than yourself.
  • Plans (at times) need to be thrown out the window. 
  • Learning to trust in God's loving plan for your life, while challenging, is an extremely liberating process.
  • Let your husband stock the fridge with whole milk. And always have ice cream for him in the freezer :-)
  • Support your friends.
  • Pay more for quality, acquire less.
  • It's OK to still lack a full set of dining room chairs.
  • "It's cold outside" is not a greeting: Enough small talk about the weather.
  • Time is more important than money.
  • Travel near and far! Exploring new places and experiencing different cultures allows your worldview to expand.
  • It's ok to be sad and disappointed, but learn and grow from the challenge before it turns to bitterness.
  • Keep your board games dust-free.
  • Your parents were right about cherry tomatoes. They really are sweet!
  • Actively maintain friendships even when they reach across state lines or over oceans.
  • Pillow talk is fun. Force yourself to go to bed early occasionally and enjoy the conversation with your husband.
  • Embrace your natural hair. Let the hot tools rest. Also, washing your hair everyday isn't necessary.
  • Being anxious never solves the problem. Highs and lows occur, but God remains constant; rest in that knowledge.
  • Vulnerability isn't weakness.
  • Purchasing groceries in a non-english speaking country is an empowering experience (bonus points: when they don't discover your an American).
  • The need to be right is generally not right.
  • Don't let fear stop you from seeking new opportunities.
  • Lighten up on your body; she's amazing and strong.
  • Follow the path that is right for your family. It's ok if your life doesn't look like anyone else's.

What lessons are you currently learning?

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