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Siblings Reunited: A Christmas Story

christmas We've been spending more evenings at home than usual this January, juggling between two polar vortex's and several snow storms, so Jordan and I opted to keep our small Christmas tree up for a little while longer. The cozy ambiance that the tree lights add to our living room has been much enjoyed! So in honor of the Christmas cheer that is still present in our home, here is my very late-to-the-party Christmas post!

Christmas 2013 was highly-anticipated: reflecting on Jesus and the story of his birth, spending time with friends and family, watching our favorite movies and listening to plenty of carols! This year was particularly exciting because it held the long-awaited Short family reunion. A portion of Jordan's family lived overseas last year and returned at the start of 2014.

In the meantime, we spent Christmas Eve with my parents enjoying my mom's famous homemade pizza. I will never forget my nieces greeting us that night by proclaiming,"IT'S CHRISTMAS TIME!" Yes, little ones it really is :-) Christmas Day we drove to Jordan's grandparents house and enjoyed Christmas part one with them. I'm still wishing for another piece of grandma's killer cherry pie! Yum Yum!

A little over a week after his family's arrival, once the jet-lag lifted and the weather cleared enough, we loaded up our cars to celebrate a belated Christmas. We packed this day full with a second road trip to his grandparents house, yummy food, Dutch Blitz tournaments, naps, scouring for the lost nativity scene (^ the above was the alternate version), and exchanging special gifts to one another. The early morning sunrise slowly melted into a cool evening sunset all unnoticed as we continued sharing stories, laughing and generally catching up on the full year 2013 was for us.

Experiencing the siblings reunited was a very special sight to see and what better time than under the Christmas lights.

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