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A Day at MCA

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A few years ago, I was in Vegas for a work event. I was speaking to a women from our Hawaii branch who casually mentioned that the weather isn't a topic of conversation on the news or amongst friends/strangers. "It's basically the same everyday." My mind was blown! Weather that doesn't fluctuate is a foreign concept to me, but even more so is not talking about the weather. My patience for weather small talk has officially peaked! Let's all agree to accept that it is rough for everyone and move on, ok? Great!

Glad that's out of the way.

Jordan and I have tried to stay positive and creative despite this rough winter, but we've experienced cabin fever like the rest of Chicagoans. It's important to ignore the cold every once in awhile and seek some much-needed adventure. We did just that this past weekend. We packed it full of fun. Friday morning, we attended Creative Mornings where we heard Eric Seigel, a local toy maker, speak on stirring up (and maintaining) childlike creativity. Saturday night, we saw Local Native's play a killer show (Amazing!). Sunday was the best though.

Despite living in Chicagoland for 20 years, neither I or Jordan have visited all the major museums in town. That is a little unacceptable especially considering every museum has built-in free days for Illinois residents. In an effort to increase our Chi Museum count, we spent our morning at the Museum of Contemporary Art.

FYI: Check your museum for perk days. We just happened to walk in on a free weekend for Bank of America card holders! Extra Bonus!

Museums can feel large and overwhelming, especially without a guided tour, but the MCA is the perfect size. We spent two hours and were able to visit every exhibit* without feeling rushed. When the weather isn't ideal, visiting a museum is a great way to spend an afternoon or two! How do you spend your indoor winter afternoons?


^ Ruth Thorne-Thomas. Plane Crash, 1977. I love the choice of having a fun wall color to set off the art..


^ Tacita Dean. The Story of Minke the Whale, 2001


^ Michael Rakowitz. The Invisible Enemy Should Not Exist (detail), 2007–present


^Andy Warhol. Troy Diptych, 1962.


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* Unfortunately, I didn't make note of every piece of art. I credited when possible!

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