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Let's Talk about Math

taxes_mag You know that saying, "In one ear and out the next?" That basically sums up my entire math education. In college I took a compass test to discover where I would be placed and my scores were so low I essentially took algebra 1 and 2 over again (no worries, I still graduated ;-) ). I constantly asked teachers when a certain problem would be used in real life and I never really got an answer. Despite my early struggles with math, ironically, I find myself using basic arithmetic all of the time to put together reports for work and home.

What would have been a more useful class than retaking algebra? How about: "How to prepare for tax season when you own/run your own business?"

Even while he had an office job, Jordan would work on a few side projects each year. Unfortunately, it took a few years for us to realize that we could pay our taxes quarterly. Before we started doing that, I almost cried at our CPA's office after realizing how much we owed at the end of the year. We have since gotten more organized; It's a lot of work keeping track of a small business! One of the best decision we made was using Quickbooks for our business (instead of Excel spreadsheets).

In the midst of preparing for taxes, I've enjoyed distractions in the form of fashion magazines, my Valentine's Day flowers, and little heirloom tomatoes and strawberries. Hallelujah for signs of spring coming!



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