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The Olympics and Food Poisoning

Tara Lipinski Olympics ^ Tara Lipinski | 1998 Nagano Olympics, after her long program.

We laid super low last weekend, partly because of the snowy weather, but mostly because Jordan came down with something resembling food poisoning on Friday evening. :-( To aide in his recovery, I made soup and stocked up on rice cakes and Gatorade. Oh, and while Jordan rested, I  finally put away our Christmas tree. We were becoming attached to those twinkle lights, but it was time to let go!

In other news, the Winter Olympics started last Thursday and I can't get enough of it! I'm a bit of a fanatic when it comes to the Olympics and bless-his-heart, Jordan indulged my seven-year-old figure skater dreams and allowed me to control the remote so I could watch the figure skating team event all weekend. And just you wait, the individual competition hasn't even begun (they will tonight, starting with the pairs)!

My Olympic memories go way back: Oksana Baiul winning gold skating to Swan Lake in 1994, Kerri Strug clinching gold for the women's gymnastic team in 1996 while vaulting on a sprained ankle(!), sleeping over at a friend's house while watching Tara Lipinski beat Michelle Kwan out of gold in 1998, or when I watched, despite a fuzzy television reception, the opening ceremonies of the Australian Summer Olympics while baby-sitting (kids were sleeping ;-) ). Most of the time, I was curled up on our gold corduroy (RIP) couch cheering along with my family.

The element of surprise is part of why watching sports is so exciting; anything can happen! Ultimately though, I just love watching people who are at the peak of their skill (sports, acting, music, etc.) do their thing.

Do you enjoy watching the Olympics?

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