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{Dairy-free} Coconut Whipped Cream

DSC_0536 When eliminating a dietary group (in my case dairy), the multitasking ability of food will suddenly reveal itself with just a little poking around. Maybe it's fairly common knowledge in tropical climates, but living in the Midwest, the different uses for coconut products never crossed my mind. Jordan and I use coconut milk in smoothies and of course coconut flakes in baking, but the creativity stopped there. Oh, how little did I know!

My friend, Lauren, mentioned using coconut cream and powdered sugar to make whipped cream (I didn't even know coconut cream existed). I decided to give it a try and I'm so glad I did, because it is really good! Whipped cream is not something I make or consume regularly, but considering traditional ice cream is out for awhile, this will be my go-to treat for summer nights.

After searching pinterest for inspiration, I added lemon juice and vanilla to the base. This was a suggestion from the blog, Love and Lemons. I'm not sure why, but most sources that I found said to refrigerate canned coconut milk and then separate the cream from the milk. I skipped that step and used canned coconut cream.

I'm looking forward to fresh summer berries with a dash of this cream because this is seriously one of the best "whipped creams" I've ever tasted!

Coconut Cream

You will need:

1 can coconut cream (refrigerated overnight) 1/4-1/2 cup powdered sugar pinch of salt 1 - 1/2 teaspoon vanilla (I like it with the extra vanilla) splash of lemon juice


Cream the coconut the same way you would for a traditional whipped cream (hand-held or stand mixer). Once it has reached the desired consistency (it took just a few minutes), slowly incorporate the rest of the ingredients.

Chill and serve over berries, pie, cake, granola or alone on a spoon :-)



^sometimes our dining room table is for creating and not for eating :-)

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