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Cultivating Memories

DSC_0533 I've always been kind of a sentimental person. As a little girl, my mom gave me tupperware bins to store nicknacks, letters and pictures. My nieces are pretty fortunate that I didn't go through a purging stage in high school because my room makes a fun play place whenever they visit my parent's house. Jordan and I enjoy filling our home with select special pieces: passed down furniture from relatives, photos, trinkets and mementos from vacations. I recently found all of my old concert and movie tickets and I added them to our glass jar where we store our tickets. One of which is from our first movie we saw together in 2005.

I can walk through our house and remember the antique store in New Mexico where I bought a little hand statue that holds simple necklaces or the day walking around Chelsea in London before purchasing a letter press "£" or the pair of perfectly worn-in dining room chairs that came from my uncle's old fraternity house.

I cherish these photos we've taken this past year, some of which make it on this space, because they tell stories and help maintain memories. This particular set will remind me of a crisp, not-quite-winter-but not-quite-spring day where we met new friends at Creative Mornings and a coffee shop, surprised my dad for lunch and watched Lake Michigan's ice retreat and give way to spring.

Oh Chicago, thank you for providing a beautiful backdrop to our life.





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