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It's Called, "Healing Crisis."

DSC_0549 My computer is back! * High fives all around * I'm ready to get back into the swing of things on this space :-)

In other news, as of Friday morning, I am attempting a dairy-free diet. While my stomach doesn't get upset by dairy, I do suffer from consistent sinus headaches and acne that has been resistant to all forms of intervention. Jordan started suggesting eliminating dairy awhile ago, but I was hesitant. What about my yogurt, grilled cheese, and half and half?! What will I put in my coffee? After my research continually hinted at a link between these symptoms and dairy, I couldn't ignore the possibility that things might get better if I made this adjustment. And so I began my dairy test.

I'm not going to lie the first day, Friday, was rough. I attempted coconut milk in my coffee and it didn't go over well; I didn't like the taste.  On top of that, the weather shifted several degrees warmer (which usually leads to a headache) so by midday, I was missing my usual dose of caffeine to combat my sinus headache. Saturday and Sunday weren't that much better. I finally texted my friend Lauren (who has done this before) confused about why I felt worse (bloated, groggy, headaches, etc.) I simply felt like I was walking through a fog.

She told me I was going through a "healing crisis." Basically, as my body is attempting to heal itself from past transgressions, the toxins can't leave quickly enough, which will make a body uncomfortable in the process. I certainly wasn't expecting such a powerful response during this transition.

I will say that the lack of caffeine has been a major component in my overall energy level. I'm now trying almond milk as a creamer and it just has a strange aftertaste. Black coffee might be my best option, but it'll take time to adjust.

Speaking of food substitutions, who knew that cashews when ground up had so much creamy power? I have been pinning a lot of recipes and ideas for cream based replacements and I am excited to try them. Particularly cashew cheese.

Hopefully, I will have good news to report in a month.

Any dairy free experiences or suggestions? Please share!

{Dairy-free} Coconut Whipped Cream