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Oscar Shorts

DSC_0504 My dad's parents had quite the social life: traveling to far and exotic countries like China and Russia, weekend ski trips, and attending lots of costume parties. We had a picture of them dressed up as mimes from the 1960s. As a young girl, who loved playing dress up, I thought they had the most glamorous life. Certain things I longed for when I was younger like eating ice cream for dinner, lost their appeal quickly but many aspects of being an adult are actually better. And I think the dance hall generation that my grandparents came from had the right perspective on social gatherings: they matter. Community matters.

On Sunday we attended an Oscar's party (red carpet and all!) at a friend's apartment where the nearby theatre had the most appropriately laid out marquee. I channeled my grandmother by wearing her fur coat; a little lipstick and heels helped to finish the look. Jordan looked extra handsome in his sport coat and tie :-) There is just something about a grown up dinner party that satisfies my inner 10-year-old self dreams of adult life. Maybe I romanticize life a little too much but I love the energy that is created from new and old friends mingling together, sharing experiences over dinner.

Thanks to Jason and Sarah for hosting such a fun evening!



^ Ellen was so good, right?!


^ recreating the ultimate celebrity selfie



And a few show notes...

// Alright, Alright, Alright! Camila Alves looked absolutely stunning.

// Jared Leto still held onto the best hair of the awards season.

// Vanity Fair shared some beautiful photos from their after party portrait studio.


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