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Doing it the French Way

French Five Over the last year or so, I've been on a mission, a mission to curate my wardrobe differently. After I transitioned out of college and started building a professional wardrobe, I fell into the trap of over-acquiring. While it was fun browsing stores like Forever 21 and H&M, cheap clothes simply don't last. After I left that job, far too many pieces became obsolete because I wasn't buying multipurpose clothes. I wasn't making smart or wise purchases.

I've weeded out my closet, donating clothes that are either ill-fitting or simply lack purpose in my life. Through this process, avoiding the impulse to constantly replace can be tricky. My inspiration has been the "5 Piece French Wardrobe" method or simply, the French Five.

The French Five theory begins with basics, which can differ from person to person and will make up the majority of your wardrobe (a little black dress, white button down, chambray shirt, skinny jeans, etc). Once the basics are determined, each season (two a year) you can add another five pieces. Over time your closet will be cohesive, streamlined, and functional.

When I decide on a piece, I try on as many options I can find (so many overalls!) and note my size. Most of them aren't winners, but when a sale happens I am prepared and avoid making an unnecessary purchase (or return).

My current wish list of five are:

1 | A cute one piece bathing suit. Your mom's one-piece this is not!

2 | A pair of sandal clogs. I am whittling my shoe collection down and plan on keeping my Saltwaters for casual flat sandals and these clogs for my fancy pair.

3 | I have been on overall hunt for a year and I am in love with this pair from Madewell. I am sized and ready to pull the trigger once they go on sale.

4 | Easy cotton or silk printed pants. Pants that are as comfortable as pajama, but much more presentable in public are a winner in my book. These would also be great for beach day wear.

5 | A wide rim hat. I have already made this purchase and love that hats (and headscarves!) are back in style!

What would your French five pieces be?

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