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Moving On

chair I've gone back and forth about when I would go public on how our life is going to change in the next couple of months. I thought maybe I would wait until the truck was loaded and we were on the road, but as my life is consumed by boxes, I suppose this is really happening.

To properly tell this story, let's backtrack a bit.

As a child, living in Chicago for the rest of my life wasn't something I ever seriously considered. My parents moved across the country a few different times and finally settled in this area when I was seven (Jordan's journey isn't that much different). The closest extended family was three hours away. Growing older, I experienced my brothers getting married, moving, having kids, and buying homes. Following in their footsteps seemed logical.

When Jordan and I tied the knot, we didn't particularly have a "forever plan." We had a graduate-college-plan, which than immediately led into a payoff-the-college-debt-plan. Jordan and I have spent our adult life either dating or married and therefore, we've had to figure out what-we-want-to-do-when-we-grow-up together. We've moved around (a lot), changed jobs, traveled, and started a business. But for some reason officially settling down in one area hasn't been a priority.

The past two years have been filled with a lot of moments that seemed confusing at first, but in hindsight are starting to make sense.

In a few different waves, close friends have moved to Nashville, dropping hints along the way about us joining them. I never took their hints seriously. Jordan quietly was considering it, but he knows me well and didn't pressure me. We were finally in jobs that allowed us to travel, spend time with friends, and be flexible enough for a growing family. I had hopes and dreams about raising children near grandparents (something I hadn't experienced) and I wasn't keen on jeopardizing that.

To say that last year was rough is quite the understatement. It's still hard to be honest. I thought simply agreeing to grow our family was the big step, but that was the easy part. Our future children won't be "oops! babies," but they won't come in a perfectly timed manner either.

Our life had morphed into being extremely mobile. It seemed that God was positioning us for something new. So when the pokes and prods continued from friends, I wasn't looking at them as wishful thinking anymore. We came to realize that this could be just a small part of our amazing adventure together. I'm open to moving on, exciting adventures, fresh opportunities, and a new way of living. I wasn't scared anymore to make future plans without exactly knowing how our future would look.

In the fall, Jordan and I are moving to Nashville. But first, we are making a pit-stop with my parents for the summer.

Although we're sad to be leaving family and friends, we're ready and excited for this next chapter of our life. One that is uncertain, except knowing the weather will be much warmer ;-)


^ Even after four moves, I'm still not the most organized packer.


^ I'm really sad to leave behind these amazing built-in cabinets.

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