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New Mexico-ing

DSC_0236 There is something comforting and peaceful about West Texas. Flat pastures that allow you to see for miles and a dry wind that whips the heat around you. I can see why people risked their lives traveling in covered wagons to the great western expanse. On this trip, I found out that Jordan's relatives traveled from the east in a covered wagon to settle in Texas and New Mexico. It made me thankful I was traveling in an air conditioned car!

We spent half of our week in New Mexico and the other half in Texas (more on that later). Clovis, NM (where we stayed) is a big small town; well, it has a Walmart, at least three Sonics and one really good local coffee shop. The last time Jordan and I visited we stayed with his aunt and uncle, who used to go cruising down Clovis' Main Street as teenagers. Main Street is now filled with mostly antique and craft stores. Clovis is a few miles from Texico, which doesn't have much besides a western store selling boots and saddles. My mother-in-law was raised in Texico.

Our evenings were spent with the family, catching up and playing round after round of Gin Rummy, Spades, and 42 (a domino game). Jordan is ready to start a 42 league.




^ Main Street.


^ A selection from Leslie's Candy Co. A little shop in the outskirts of Clovis. I'm still enjoying their saltwater taffy!

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