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Pieces of Childhood

DSC_0028 My mom asked me months ago to start going through my bedroom and basement playroom. Even though my room at my parent's house transitioned into a nursery a couple years ago, most of my toys and special mementos have stayed put. I am a rock star in my nieces eyes, what with all of the American Girl doll accessories I own.

It's really easy for me to become sidetracked whenever I spend time downsizing and organizing. I, like my mom, associate people and memories with objects. Maybe it's simply my personality, but I also think it has to do with the fact that I didn't live near family growing up. So the Madeleine doll my grandmother sent me kind of stood to represent her.

It still isn't practical to keep everything, so to help ease the pain, I have to do it in steps. I might pick a few favorites and revisit them later, potentially narrowing it down even more.

I began with my trophies. And even though they are cheap and throwing them out doesn't mean I'm throwing out the memories, I had to save a couple.

/ / Did you have to empty out your childhood bedroom or has it remained untouched?

Scenes from the Road

Summer Road Trips