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Summer Road Trips

Summer Road Trip Essentials ^ Clovis, NM

Jordan and I, along with his brother, leave for a little family reunion in West Texas/New Mexico next week. This will be my first time driving out there (the last time, we flew) and my first road trip longer than five hours in probably ten years. Our day events are pretty planned out with family activities, but I still needed to prepare for the actual road travel.

Cue the internet.

I searched all around for suggestions on packing, snacks, and entertainment to help pass the time on our 19 + hour drive (and no, we aren't doing it in one day: we aren't that hardcore).

When it comes to any type of travel, there is no way to be fully prepared: delays and unexpected circumstances will occur, but it is still beneficial to start with a general plan. Jordan was the more seasoned traveler when we were first married and he's really helped me learn to go with the flow and take the unexpected moments in stride.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind for your summer road trip.

Entertainment | Books, audio booksmagazines, good music*, and plenty of podcasts.

General | Megan breaks down her top snacks, entertainment, and road trip clothes to pack.

Car Maintenance | It's really important to have your car thoroughly checked before any extended road trip. We learned the hard way after the engine on Jordan's old car overheated and melted on our way to Ohio many moons ago. The car was nearing the end of it's life anyway, but we probably could have avoided the hassle by double checking a few things.

Packing | Pinterest has been my go-to for outfit inspiration. I've never been great at planning outfits and inevitably bring unnecessary items. I've been pinning mix and match outfit inspiration and reminders to pack neutrals. Why I think vacations are the prime opportunity to pack crazy colors I'll never know.

This also applies to makeup. Why do I think I need five different lip colors? It just isn't necessary!

Snacks | Susanna compiled her favorite healthy road snacks. I never would have thought to store cut up veggies in a little water to keep them fresh.

Are you seasoned road travelers? What are your favorite ways to stay alert and entertained in the car?

The paid subscription to Spotify really comes in handy when you spend a lot of time driving. And it's only $9.99 a month!

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