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Scenes from the Road

DSC_0161 After 19 + hours on the road, traveling through Illinois, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Texas we are finally in New Mexico! Whew! I seriously don't know how truck drivers do their job. My body does not like to sit for that long.

A few lessons I learned on the road:

1 | Stop frequently to swap out drivers or just stretch your legs! We probably added an extra hour, but in the long run it was worth taking that moment to snap photos of that Texas storm and get some fresh air.

2 | Avoid the dollar menu. Splurge a little and order that salad. Fast food is somewhat unavoidable on the road (unless you are really organized and and pack all your meals), but most places have healthier options.

3 | Ignore your instincts to leave the hairspray behind. You will want it.

4 | Time will go by quicker if you allow yourself to get a little silly. Jordan and his brother spent about 20 minutes conversing exclusively in exaggerated southern accents. Every time I tried joining in, I couldn't stop laughing.

5 | "Car face" is a real condition.


^ Taking a dance break.


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