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To Lubbock We Go

lubbock_sidebyside After spending a couple of days in New Mexico, we drove east for Texas. We only had one full day left, so before for the big family picnic dinner, we wandered around Lubbock.

Jordan's aunt sent us off with a few suggestions and general directions to get downtown. We love leisurely strolling through towns, stopping into shops and restaurants that catch our eye. I'm not a Type A, take-charge, kind of planner, so our semi-casual vacationing really works for me.

We arrived to the city center a little late for the farmer's market (the remnants looked really yummy!), but we did find several quaint antique and art galleries. A main attraction in Lubbock is the Buddy Holly museum, which for $5 is totally worth a visit. Earlier in the morning, we asked around at an art gallery where we should grab coffee and was directed to Yellow House Coffee. Sometimes I rely too heavily on Google Maps for food/drink locations, but when I do remember to ask a local instead I'm always glad.

This road trip was good to us. We just wish we would have had more than three days to spend with everyone!



^ Jux-ta-posh had a TON of neon lights. We really wanted to purchase one, but I also don't want to add anything else to our moving van come fall!


^ I loved these shirts sewn from vintage doilies. Recently, my mother, Jordan's sister, Blessing, and I had a conversation about doilies and what to do with them. A lot have been passed down to my mom, so I'm curious if I could get this recreated.

Hey, West Texas! You are kind of fun. :-)

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