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How We Came To Be / / On Friendship and Music

_DSC0332 I like to say that Jordan and I fell in love while slow dancing to John Mayer. While we did experience the flicker of young love at his concert, there wasn't exactly "slow dancing in a burning room."

Let me back up a bit... My friend Bridget and I went to a lot of concerts in high school and college. She had the car and we both had the desire; we were the perfect match. It usually went something like this,

"Hey Catherine, so-and-so are playing next Friday. You free that night?"


There was the one time we saw Bright Eyes and Bridget became ill and I had to drive her car home. Mind you, I was 17 and had never driven in Chicago before. Or the time a group of us went to see Dashboard Confessional and wound up on MTV's "Jammed" television special. From Modest Mouse and Imogen Heap to Fall Out Boy, we had too many great nights to count.


Ok, jumping forward... It was September 2005 and my freshman year of college was underway. Jordan had returned from a year of living in Cincinnati and was reconnecting with the group. I had a major crush on him, but was too nervous to express my feelings. But I DID make myself available for possible interactions. Bridget sensed something was brewing, so when we were at a Sufjan Stevens concert she asked me if I liked Jordan. I, of course, said I did, but I wasn't sure he felt the same way.

I don't know what I was waiting for exactly, but thankfully, my friends were looking out for my relational needs. This became evident a few weeks later around my 19th birthday. As a present, Lauren bought me a ticket to see the John Mayor Trio in Milwaukee. Several other friends decided to join us, but I really hoped Jordan would come.* It was all very dramatic convincing him he could afford it when really he hadn't worked in a year...haha. I just wasn't ready to give up, so Lauren, myself, and Bridget purchased his ticket.


Once Jordan knew he was coming, he graciously offered to drive the whole gang, in his parent's Astro van, to Milwaukee's famous Eagle Ballroom. Talk about one classy fellow driving one classy vehicle.

John Mayer was incredible, but the stolen moment away in the balcony where Jordan asked me out for an official first date, is what made my night. The dating hasn't ever stopped; the rest is history.

With one month left in Chicago, Jordan and I are taking any opportunity to hang with friends. Earlier in the week, Bridget invited us to come see Future Islands play in Milwaukee. We are always up for an impromptu evening away and it's even better with great friends. If you haven't been listening to Future Islands, stop what you're doing and watch their recent appearance on Letterman now!

Considering the effort that Bridget and Lauren put in to making Jordan and I an official couple, we'll probably have to name our first-born after them. :-)

*Side note: there are many instances in our history where either Jordan or I went to something hoping the other person would show up. Like the time that Bridget invited us both over to her house to watch the first two Lord of The Rings movies (I hadn't seen them yet). Jordan ended up having to work and never came. And well, it's a running joke that if he would have come I probably would like those movies. ;-)

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