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NYC / / Day Five {The High line}

_DSC0036 Sunlight streams through the blinds and I roll over, stretching as I do, unwillingly acknowledging that our vacation is coming to a close. I hop in the shower while Jordan runs downstairs to the local deli, grabbing an iced coffee and a breakfast sandwich for each of us. We climb out the window onto the fire escape to eat our meal, feeling as though we just engaged in the most quintessential New York activity. Below us, across the street was Carrie Bradshaw's brownstone, the steps partitioned off so the residents could enjoy peace and quiet. Poor souls. I wonder if they knew what they were getting into when they bought their home.

New York City was really good to us. Possibly more than I even expected. This last year and a half (ish) has been full of growing pains; reevaluating our priorities, expectations and goals. We returned home from vacation ready to attack the last month in Chicago before embarking on our new adventure with even more clarity. We've been filling our free time catching up with friends and ignoring the fact that there is packing to finish.


But I digress, back to New York and its High Line. Built in the 1930s, its primary task was elevating freight traffic from the streets (carrying goods, not people) and continued until gradually trucks took over that job. The High line stood empty for many years until the Friends of the High Line came together and lobbied for it to be turned into a park. I'm so glad it wasn't torn down because it offers a unique walking path/park that gives a great view of the Hudson River and a teeny tiny glimpse of Lady Liberty.


^ The park where I almost crashed into Benjamin McKenzie. I was a Seth and Summer shipper all the way. Whatever did happened to Mischa Barton?



^ The High Line has many interesting cutaways and benches that offer rest and private make out nooks ;-)




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