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Take Two to the Zoo

lincoln_park_zoo If you've been reading my blog for a little while, then it's no surprise how much Jordan and I love the Lincoln Park Zoo (herehere, & here). The zoo offers a little oasis in the middle of a bustling city. Besides the plethora of animals to observe, the Lincoln Park Zoo has a great (FREE) green space and if I lived closer, you would find me walking the path regularly. Earlier this month, on my nieces' last day of their visit, we spent the morning here. We told the girls about the zoo a few days before and they became really excited for our little journey. For being six and four, they are quite the seasoned travelers. We knew they would enjoy looking forward to an adventure.

The drive went quickly as we listened to the Beauty and the Beast soundtrack and discussed which Disney Princess was our favorite (Holly: Ariel, Laura: Snow White, Jordan: Belle). You know, all the important things in life.


I love being an aunt. It's all the fun and games with no real responsibility. haha.  These girls are at a fun stage where we can have deep conversations and I see them processing new information. Over the weekend, we watched Babe and it was awesome to hear them discuss and explain why they thought the characters were acting a certain way. I remember a lot from the ages of 4-7 and I hope these girls remember that we love them and think they are fun, precious, and so valued.


^ I think they had a good time :-)


^ She's starting first grade?! What?!


^ My mom grew up on a dairy farm and she loved showing the girls the farm animals and explaining how Papa would have to milk his cows everyday; rain, blizzard, or shine!


^ Laura came up with that pose on her own.

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