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_DSC0320 When my friend Lauren and I were younger, we dreamed about raising our kids together and purchasing side-by-side lake houses for summer get-aways. At the time, we didn't know our husbands would get along so well but we figured whomever we married would just have to deal with the fact that we wanted to be close. :-) I thought maybe that dream would never quite be realized when Lauren and Jon moved away three years ago. Living near each other again, however short this time might be, means so much to me. Jordan and I might not have kids yet, but it brings me so much joy having the opportunity to watch S & W grow up.

Nashville was experiencing a late summer day, so when Lauren and Jon invited us to go with them to the flea market, we jumped right to it! Jordan and I love visiting flea markets (here & here). Many pieces in our home have come from those excursions and unique gifts for family and friends. The Nashville fairgrounds host the monthly flea market and luckily it's only 10 minutes* from our house!

The sun was still shining bright, despite the arrival of fall: an added bonus for us midwesterners! We made the loop around the fairgrounds, stopping and admiring items as they caught our eye. It's truly amazing what resurfaces to be salvaged and repurposed for new owners. Personally, I love finding items I had growing up or items my parents/grandparents owned!





^ One of each, please.


^ Piles and piles...

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