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^ Top knots all day, everyday. :-)

I feel fairly comfortable dressing for summer and winter. I know which fabrics keep me cool when it's 80° and how many layers are necessary to stay warm when it's 20°. It's those in-between temperatures (basically all of fall and spring!) that I never quite get right. I usually dress to match the high temperature of the day and completely forget how cold the days begin! Nashville's peak temperature is much later in the day (around 4 or 5 pm) and I'm slowly adjusting. In Chicago, the peak is right at noon. Friends gave me advice about dressing in a lot of layers to survive the changing temperatures.

Jordan recently took a trip to our storage unit to unearth our winter gear. After assessing my clothes, I realized not many of my sweaters fit underneath my light jacket. It's not quite time to wear my winter coat all day long, so I was happy to find this color block sweater from the Gap. It's warm, but lightweight enough to layer underneath my jacket!

How do you dress for the in-between seasons?

Jacket from JCrew | Sweater from Gap (similar) | Pants from Uniqlo (similar)

And a few more sweaters I'm loving right now.

One | Two | Three | Four

/ / Natalie's series on wool has been really interesting and informative!

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