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Making Goals Easier

_DSC0389 Each semester in college, I was given a free planner at registration. It was never anything fancy, usually a simple black or blue notebook, but my whole life lived inside its pages. I was a freshman in 2005, so I had a cell phone but it was only used for phone calls; I wasn't making notes or filling the calendar with reminders. I couldn't even update Myspace. After graduation my work schedule remained fairly consistent, so I slowly veered from using a planner.

When I left that job and Jordan began working full-time as a freelancer, we realized that we needed to share our work schedules. We synced our iCal calendars to include our work schedules, but that was the extent to my organizational life.

I recently shared my rather sporadic/messy blogging process. I'm not sure why I've been so resistant to using an editorial calendar; maybe it's because blogging began as a sporadic hobby or because I assumed I will always be a bit disorganized? Either way, it's time to get a bit more serious.

Something I am learning, now that I'm closer to 30 than 21, is being organized actually allows the person to live a more full life. I tend to underestimate how long it takes me to take photos, edit and write each blog post. Instead of working a week or couple days out if I worked a month out I'd actually have time to move things around and be open to opportunities thrown my way. Instead of panicking when the internet is down and I don't have a post scheduled, I could relax.

I am all for utilizing tools to help simplify my life: Hootsuite is how I schedule social media posts, Jordan uses Evernote for his work log/notes and Basecamp for client communication. Recently I came across Treat an offshoot of Shutterfly. In our shared calendar we have birthday and anniversaries of our friends and family. That is all well and good for calling or sending a text to wish them a happy day, but it's not good for getting birthday cards sent to our loved ones on time! Jordan's sisters dealt with my poor planning skills when they received their recent birthday cards late! Treat allows you to not only personalize each greeting card, but actually schedule them out in advance! How great is that?

2015, I'll be ready for you!

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