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Krochet Style

_DSC0605 I distinctly remember the first outfit Jordan gave me as a gift. It was for our first Valentine's Day together in 2006. We went out to dinner to an Italian restaurant near my college campus. After our meal, we sat in his red Ford Focus to exchange our presents to one another. I have no idea what I gave him but my box consisted of this striped, short sleeve cropped sweater, a green tank top for layering and earrings. I wore out those items of clothing but the earrings I still own. :-)

Jordan has great taste and a lot of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe are because of him. This sweater was a Christmas present and has quickly become a new favorite. I love that the sleeves are cotton and breathable, I can get really hot in wool sweaters.


As someone who enjoys clothes and fashion, I appreciate companies who are trying to do better. The rise of fast fashion, which makes experimenting with trends affordable, has distanced us from the effects of sweatshops and the real cost of our cheap decisions. I spent so much money in my late teens/early 20s on clothing from dubious sources that would essentially fall apart after a few washes.

Krochet Kids is passionate about providing great products, while offering an honest wage through their model of opportunity, education, and mentorship. Each crocheted piece is handmade by women in Peru and Uganda - a name is etched inside each item, so you know exactly who made your piece.

Mine was made in Peru by Rosemary.



Sweater from Krochet Kids | Jeans from Gap (similar) | Shoes from Target (similar) | I stole these old Fossil glasses from Jordan's glove box.

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