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St. Louis Snuggles

_DSC0655 Last week, Jordan and I drove to St. Louis for a quick visit with my family. It was special being able to see my parents and my brother and his family. My nephew, Luke, just turned one and is simply the sweetest (and possibly chubbiest) baby. I attempted to capture him in his natural habitat while his older sister attended preschool. With kids, you end up taking a lot of pictures in order to find one or two that encapsulates their essence. I mean, out of the 50 photos I took, there were only a few that weren't super blurry! Photographing children is quite a skill.

Jordan and I baby-sat the kids one of the nights and I cherish the giggles from my niece while she and Jordan danced to "Shake If Off" in the living room. In the quiet moments, I soaked in all the snuggles Luke gave me as I rocked him to sleep.

I love being an aunt.

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