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Flower Child

_DSC0814 I loved everything about The Wonder YearsWinnie Cooper and Kevin Arnold's childhood crushing was always real and tender. The honest struggle of raising a family during a tumultuous time in history (late 1960s) made this television show meaningful, even to a 12-year-old girl (me) watching it in syndication. I laughed and cried right along with each character.

Though the show's focus was usually on Kevin and his friends, we mustn't forget about his cool older sister Karen, who oozed effortless hippie chic in every way.

Boho isn't my every-day style but I appreciate the simple, laid-back nature of layering with texture and print. Peasant tops had a resurgence this summer and I really wanted to find a vintage piece to add to my wardrobe. Last summer, Jordan and I spent a morning at the Brooklyn Flea market and I happened to find this really beautiful top.

I went home that day a happy girl!



^The embroidery is simple but ornate enough that jewelry isn't really necessary.


Vintage Peasant Top (Brooklyn Flea)  | Jeans from Nudie (similar) | Clogs (Thrifted) (similar)

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