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IMG_2468 We are official - - official Nashville residents! Jordan and I finally went to get our drivers licenses changed this week. It may or may not have involved two trips because I didn't thoroughly read through the guidelines and forgot our passports, but it happened (An Illinois licence doesn't equate being an US citizen, who knew?)! It feels good to have that crossed off my moving to-do list.

Jordan usually works from home because he corresponds with clients via phone conferences so often, but one afternoon this week he asked if I wanted to join him on a work date at a local coffee shop. It was so nice to have a change of scenery and sit side-by-side working on our respective projects.

Key & Peele / / If sports press conferences weren't about the game just played, but about movies and award nominations... This sketch parody is enjoyable on so many levels, but I was cracking up when Into the Woods was mentioned by Jordan Peele (aka Marshawn Lynch), "I just think the producers of Into The Woods did themselves a disservice by not including the narrator from the original theatrical production." Ha!

Photo Organizing / / Erin's tips on organizing digital photos came at the perfect time for me. Jordan is upgrading his computer soon which means I can say goodbye to my six-year old iMac and have his Macbook Pro! My photo saving has been haphazard at best and Erin's suggestion to save photos in named files not only by description (birthday or banana bread) but also by year. It might seem obvious but it's not something I thought of doing!

Contentment / / It's almost comical how hard it is to be content. The industrial and digital world we find ourselves in bombards us with images of what "having it all" looks like. Not only do we need the perfect guy/girl and house with a white picket fence, we must decorate each room to Pinterest perfection! It's exhausting. Kelsey intentionally stepped into 2014 with the goal to be content with her home. She said it well, "when I focus on the happiness that is so abundant in our house the actual stuff and the look of it is so much less important."

Wine Pairings / / When trying to explain coffee flavor descriptions to customers I'll say, "It's like wine. Depending on the bottle's region the flavor might be bright and citrusy or cedary." I say all that, but I actually don't know the difference between Merlot and Chardonnay except one is red and the other white! Joanna has an easy wine pairing guide that I'll be referring to regularly.

Happy Weekend, all!

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