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Gluten-Free Eats | Sweet Potato Hash

sweet potato hash I am always searching for new recipes to try in the kitchen. I gather inspiration from blogs, magazines/cookbooks, and Pinterest of course. One pot meals that involve a combination of fresh and pantry staples are my favorite meals to make. While scrolling through my bloglovin' feed recently, this sweet potato and bacon hash, caught my eye. It's naturally gluten and dairy-free and if you leave out the bacon its vegetarian too!

Jordan and I actually eat a variation of this meal quite often, but with regular potatoes. The addition of sweet potatoes is a fun change. This meal has already been placed in our weekly dinner rotation. Once you gather the ingredients, it's so simple to put together.



Sweet Potatoes Small Onion Bacon (or omit for a vegetarian version) Kale Eggs Salt/Pepper/Garlic

First cook up the bacon. While the bacon is sizzling, chop the onion and sweet potatoes. Two potatoes are essentially two servings, so if you want leftovers chop up more! Once your bacon is cooked, set aside. I wiped a little of the bacon grease out, but left some to cook down the onions because well, why not? Once the onions are beginning to smell aromatic, throw in the potatoes. At this point you can add the seasonings: garlic, salt, pepper and even chili powder for a bit of heat.

Towards the end of cooking (15-20 minutes) I threw in the kale for extra nutrition. Lately, my motto has been to put some kale in it. You can cook the eggs in the same pot if you want more of a scramble, but I heated another pan to fry the eggs.

Serve as is or A Beautiful Mess suggested adding sliced tomato and avocado!


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