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Infertility Blogs to Read

Infertility Blogs to Read "You took my burden as your burden and made it your own and reminded me that courage feels a lot like caring and kindness. I want to be one that marches alongside others. To be that reminder that you are not alone in your own walks." -- Bek

Besides Smitten Kitchen's food blog that I read as a newlywed, Hey Natalie Jean, was the first I thoroughly became invested in. The concept of lifestyle blogging is kind of weird and one is either a blog reader or not - - and I don't mean reading a friend's blog, I mean reading about people you will most likely never meet in person.

When I stumble upon a blog I love, I go in deep, digging through the archives. I like reading about the journey - - the highs and lows, the things that make you you. I knew Natalie struggled to get pregnant with her son but at the time, infertility didn't really mean anything to me. Jordan and I were enjoying our first years together and our big hurdle was on paying off school loans; having kids was far from the brain.

But then it became my reality. In the beginning it was so fresh and raw. I wasn't ready to talk about it with many. I also didn't know anyone in my immediate circle that had been in a similar situation (no pregnancies at all). But I had Natalie's blog and while that may seem weird to some people, her words brought so much comfort to me.

Once I went public, many friends and friends of friends reached out to me and told me their personal stories that weren't common knowledge. Suddenly, I was embraced by a community I didn't know existed. I don't feel as alone anymore.

I thought I would share a few bloggers that encouraged (and continue) me simply by reading their stories. If you find yourself feeling alone in your present infertility circumstance, I hope these women aid in easing the loneliness.

Some are strictly infertility blogs, though most weave their journey amongst DIY projects, recipes, travel and style posts. I find myself rooting for these women and mourning when another loss happens.

Natalie | Hey Natalie Jean (Natalie's blog is no longer live, but her book has many personal essays) Lisa | Amateur Nester Liz Marie | Liz Marie Blog Casey | The Wiegands Brandy | A Sweet Aroma Caroline | In Due Time Tj | His Little Lady Bek | Among The Evergreens Wynne | Gloriously Ruined

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