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Explore Nashville: The Frist Center

Frist Center Growing up in the Chicagoland area, museum visits were a regular school outing. Once or twice a semester, we would spend the afternoon amongst sea turtles at the Shedd Aquarium or Monet at the Art Institute. I'm not the most educated on the different styles of art, but I love being surrounded by it.

Jordan and I make an effort to visit museums regularly. We look for activities to do together that doesn't involve shopping and/or a movie/meal combo. Variety is the spice of life!

Frist Center

In early March, we spent a rainy afternoon at The Frist Center For The Visual Arts, Nashville's art museum. The Frist is small, but their exhibits are rotated regularly. My favorite wing was devoted to Houghton Hall, a grand English country house built originally for the first British Prime Minister, Sir Robert Walpole, in the early 1700s. The most incredible part about this (OK, incredible to me!) is that Robert's wifes' name was Catherine Shorter!

I tried to snap a quick photo of the family tree...but The Frist doesn't allow photography. I don't know their reasoning behind prohibiting photography, but I have never been to a museum that didn't allow it in most of their exhibits (I'm talking about the big ones from Chicago, NYC, London & Paris). It baffled me a bit.

I loved admiring the selected art, furniture, clothing, and china from the house which is still occupied by Walpole's descendants today. I love the deep familial heritage that is imbedded in houses all over England.

Frist Center


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