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IMG_2618 I went about my day yesterday completely unaware that it was Thursday. Not until dinnertime did I realize the weekend was almost here! Have you sensed the coming of spring? I LOVE that the sun is setting later. I'm far more motivated throughout the day to accomplish my to-do list.

Jordan and I had a full but fulfilling week: coffee dates with friends, officially filing our taxes (yay!) and visiting with Jordan's parents. Jordan's dad was in town for work, so we stole his mom away for an afternoon. We drove her around our neighborhood, perused a local gem of a bookstore and ate lunch at one of our (and Nashville's) favorite restaurants, Fido.

Anna's new series, Marriage Letters, is so beautiful. I wish I would have journaled from the start of our marriage. My memory is pretty decent and I can recall a lot of non substantial events (though important to me), but one of the main reasons I started blogging was to record our life -- the daily ins and outs. I am glad I didn't wait any longer to begin.

I hope others view me as someone who stands by her words. I don't want to over-commit or agree to relationships that I simply can't follow through on. That also applies to praying. Far too many times, after someone confides in me, I forgot to continually pray for the situation. Emily mentioned keeping a prayer journal on her night stand. I will be incorporating her suggestion into my life ASAP!

I know not everyone enjoys cooking, but I think it's essential to learn to follow through on a recipe (As my dad always said, "If you can follow a recipe, you can cook."). Feeding your family well is empowering. Both of my parents cook and we all had our own hands in the kitchen at various points. I hadn't officially made dinner prior to getting married, but I knew how to boil water and bake. I loved this list of 10 things to master in the kitchen by turning 10.

I'm looking forward to catching up on some reading this weekend. What are your plans?

Happy Weekend, all!

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