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Yoga at Home

IMG_0996 I was a competitive swimmer from the ages of 10-18. The call of the water kept me coming back despite the fact that I wasn't the fastest swimmer. I love being in the water and while I don't swim regularly anymore, when I'm in a pool I always swim a few laps. In high school, to become stronger, I began incorporating more dry land exercises into my routine: weight lifting, elliptical, pilates, and yoga.

My favorite way to stay balanced, toned, and fit is by practicing yoga. I think everyone's bodies respond to certain exercises differently, but I feel healthiest when yoga is a part of my weekly routine. My hips are almost too flexible and because of that, they ache occasionally. After being on my feet all day, I run through a few hip sequences to reset. If I'm feeling restless, going through a sequence of sun salutations energizes and gets my blood flowing again.

If you've never practiced yoga and are unfamiliar with the poses, I wouldn't recommend starting with a video. Alignment is really important and by attending a few classes, you'll gain the feel and rhythm in a safe environment. Before purchasing, I recommend going to your local library and borrowing a few. There is nothing more annoying (for me) than watching a DVD where the instructor is practicing yoga out in the middle of the desert; I want to see how to practice within the confines of a living room.


These are my favorite resources for a quality yoga practice at home.

DVDs: Living Room Yoga by Eva BarashMTV Yoga by Kristen McGee

Podcasts: 20 Minute Yoga Sessions (search in your podcast app)

Online: 30 Day Yoga Challenge

Sometimes, I'll string several short sessions together to create a longer practice, but often even 20 minutes, for me, is enough to feel refreshed.


What about you, do you like yoga? What exercise makes you feel the most alive?

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