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A Day at the Falls

Niagara Falls I went into our Canadian trip having done very little planning. I arranged a few things, but I was lax on the actual day-to-day activities in and around Toronto. That's not usually our style (you should have seen our Evernote notes for Europe!). Because we had our friends as built-in tour guides, we didn't plan as much – we were excited to venture in the unknown.

Niagara Falls

We arrived late Sunday evening and after unloading our car, we settled into the living room to catch up. A lot had changed for all of us since the last time we had seen one another. After talking about the different goings on, we turned our attention to the things to see and do while we were visiting.

Mike and Keira asked us if we had considered visiting Niagara Falls since they only live 45 minutes away. Why I hadn't looked into that on my own, I will never know, but thankfully they were on top of it! M and K couldn't join us on our first day of adventuring but Jordan and I decided that Niagara Falls was definitely something we should see.

Niagara Falls

The area surrounding the falls, Clifton Hill's Street of Fun, is quite kitschy; full of haunted houses, souvenir shops and various tourist traps resembling a mini Las Vegas. After parking amidst the haunted houses, you must only take a quick turn to be transported into another land. The falls are quite spectacular. I kept imagining what it must have been like to discover this natural wonder for the first time.

The weather was quite warm at the top of the Falls (Jordan had to remove his jacket) but down below, there was still snow and ice formations in protective shapes around the foaming water.

We were on the Canadian side, which I think holds a better view. The American side sits on top of the American Falls, but from the Canadian side you are also able take in the Horseshoe and Bridal Veil Falls in all its splendor. After being in the car the previous day, my legs welcomed the nice long walk. Sadly, the Maid of the Mist wasn't operating yet because it was too early in the season, but we enjoyed everything else about our trip to these beautiful falls.

If you are ever near Niagara, it is worth a visit! Have you been?

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls

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