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Toronto | King Kensington

_DSC1434 Toronto is a culturally diverse and bustling city. The streets are bursting with energy and each neighborhood has its own charm. Jordan and I were really looking forward to exploring Toronto with Mike and Keira. Mike took charge and mapped out a good route, enabling us to hit several key stops on our first day.

After a morning stop at Tim Hortons for coffee/tea and donuts, we arrived in Toronto by subway. Toronto feels like a cross between Chicago and New York City. There are laws that prohibit street vendors from selling goods on the sidewalks in Chicago, which keeps everything rather clean (unlike NYC) considering its size. Toronto and NYC share the busy street vibes. Toronto and Chicago are both on a Great Lake: in fact, they both have a beautiful stretch of road and parks along the lake shore.



Our first stop of the day was meandering through Kensington Market. I thought KM was in an actual building, but it's more of a neighborhood: stores and restaurants in old homes with racks of clothing displayed on front porch/sidewalks. It feels like one giant garage sale! If you are in the area I recommend grabbing coffee from Fika Cafe -- I had a refreshing mint and cardamom almond milk iced latte.

We ate lunch at Templeton's Cafe, a fun Asian Fusion restaurant (Chinatown is not far away). I had some amazing spring rolls. We didn't sit outside, but they had the porch doors open so everyone inside could enjoy the warm breeze. Toronto was experiencing unseasonably warm temperatures and we were not complaining!

There were so many cute and interesting stores to browse through while walking down each street. One of my favorites was Bungalow which offered a mix between vintage and new clothing. I found a really cute sweater that I am exited to style!




Part two of day one coming later this week!

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