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Two Years of Blogging + a Giveaway

IMG_0613 When I began this blog two years ago I had no idea how this venture would unfold. My intention has never been to gain X amount of followers or reach any sort of notoriety -- I simply wanted to document and share my journey, even if that meant Jordan's and my families were the only people reading.

This space has grown as I have grown. I have learned that relationships are created and cultivated through intimacy; in person and online. The relationships I've made have been amazing and surprising. When I started, I really thought it would remain a one-way street. I had read a lot of blogs before, but rarely joined the conversation. When I received my first invitation to collaborate with another blogger, I was so excited! Since then, I've become a better blog reader because I experienced the joy of interacting with others in this format.

I am continually blown away by your encouraging comments. People want to build others up, but we have to intentionally make space for that to happen. I was really afraid to admit our struggle with infertility. Not because I was scared of what people would say, but, that once it became public, I would have to admit to myself that I was on a different journey than the one I had originally envisioned. Having a space to share the difficulties and many joys in life has been instrumental in the healing process. I had no idea I needed this blog so much.

Jordan and I often talk about how this "internet thing" has actually enriched our day-to-day lives. Spurred on by the desire to live a full life, we actively pursue crazy adventures and exciting opportunities, fun recipes and new relationships. We've even become more open with each other as I've grown into the woman I was created to be. For many years, my creative side wasn't being fulfilled. I'm so glad Jordan encouraged me to start.

As a small token of a huge THANK YOU to all you wonderful people, I'm teaming with my friend Anna to offer a $100 gift card to Madewell.* I met Anna in a blogging group only to realize we had mutual friends in common. It's a crazy small world! Anna is the poised new graduate and wife I wish I had been at her age. Her writing is effortless and her pictures are gorgeous. Anna's recent series on hurting and healing really hit home for me and I know it will for you too.

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Thank you for reading and for allowing me to share pieces of my life. Your friendship means everything.

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