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weekend_links The past week has been a whirlwind. We traveled through several states + two countries all while seeing as many friends/family as possible. I originally went into this trip thinking my blog would run like normal, but I had forgotten that I wouldn't have access to wifi the whole time, so I took an unintentional break. If you left comments, thank you; I will be getting back to you this weekend!

I'm so excited to start sharing our recap, as we had a wonderful time in Toronto. My Canadian itch has been scratched and my desire to visit the western side is even stronger. Canadians are a wonderful people and Jordan and I happen to be great at picking friends so "our" Canadians are the BEST. ;-)

/ / Reading Jana's post on ignoring the hustle arrived at just the right moment. Rarely a day goes by where I'm not working on something blog related: photography, writing, editing, commenting, etc. I was on vacation, but not having wifi was what actually forced me to disconnect and it felt weird! Sometimes it does feel like the world will forget about you if you don't publish content regularly.

"In a creative business (such as blogging), survival and thriving isn’t tied to how hard we work, but how well we create–which happens best when we’re rested and refreshed." 

/ / Beauty tips for strong women. Olivia Wilde's piece was my favorite.

"Take care of yourself now that you’re old enough to know how. Drink water, sleep eight hours (I wish), and don’t go within 400 feet of a tanning booth or I’ll slap you. Hard."

/ / Anna and I both married at 21. She argues (and I would agree) that the success of your marriage is based less on your age and more on specific key points, such as how you argue, or moving past infatuation and into love. Where do you feel relationship success lies?

/ / I really appreciate Kelsey's honest and straightforward approach to being a working mama. She recently went back to work after having her second son and highlighted the hard and awesome of this next phase for their family.

/ / Spring cleaning the green way. Can all-purpose cleaner really be made out of water, vinegar, and lemons? That seems almost too good to be true!

Happy weekend, all!

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