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Fashion Rewind | Overalls

Overalls Jordan and I have been watching Friends from the very beginning. I grew up catching episodes here and there on syndication and did watch the series finale when it originally aired, but I didn't exactly know which story lines were from which season.

Alright, I gotta make a confession: I love 90's fashion. Well, 90's fashion with more flattering cuts. We're talking flannel, flower print dresses, high waisted pants, and overalls. I like to think that if Friends was on today, Rachel would still be rocking the overalls.


I've always been a lover of overalls. I wore them growing up in many different varieties including shorts (I loved a particular pair with a standard dark wash that had Winnie the Pooh on the bib). My overalls were worn past the in-style point and I was bummed to eventually retire them. When I noticed that overalls were coming back, I searched high and low for my old pair from high school, but sadly I must have gotten rid of them!



Last summer I bought a pair of light wash overalls from Madewell. They are so comfortable, but the light wash made them more casual. When I saw this dark wash version from Abercrombie & Fitch, I couldn't pass them up! Especially during their 40% off sale around Christmas time. These overalls are made from super soft denim and I love the zipper detail -- they add that little something something.

So what about you? What trends were you excited about when they resurged? Or what trends do you want to come back?



Abercrombie & Fitch Overalls | Old Navy Tank (old)

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