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IMG_3022 Jordan and I intentionally kept our nights low-key this week. May was a really busy month for us and we needed to wind down a bit. Speaking of being intentional, on Wednesday night, we unintentionally finished the entire series of Friends. Generally, each season is composed of 24 episodes, so when I hit play on episode 18 I didn't think it was going to be the end. I might have teared up during that last scene. If there is a better sitcom, I can't think of one.

This week I tried my best to catch up on a few projects, clean up my inbox and actually read a magazine or two -- lofty goals! Haha. Generally, after I get home from work and wash the stale coffee off my body and hair, I find it hard to just relax. Whether it be blog projects, Jordan's business, or general housekeeping there is always more to do! I need to get better at shutting the computer down, especially now that summer is here.

And now for some weekend reads!

/ / Brittany and her husband just bought their first home and are expecting their first child. A lot of fun new changes for them! Several months back, Brittany shared their desire to maintain a minimalists perspective while house hunting. This week she gave an update on the desires they had for their first home vs. what they ended up buying. I'm quite thankful that Jordan and I have been forced to downsize even more in our current place. It's made me aware of how little one really needs, though double sinks in our bathroom would be nice!

/ / Jordan and I subscribe to Relevant Magazine, but I also enjoy reading the articles published on their website. Wedding season is upon us and whether you are single, engaged, or married for 2 months or 15 years, there are a lot of great points brought up in this article, The 10 Things I Learned in 10 Years of Marriage.

"We are in this marriage for a lifetime, so we can either choose to be joyful or to be miserable."

/ / 13 Natural Sunscreens to try. I'm on the hunt for a good face sunscreen that won't cause a breakout. What is your favorite facial sunscreen?

/ / I bought the biggest bag of spinach at Costco this week. Costco is like an adult playground with endless imaginary possibilities. Oh, the trouble I'd get into if I had a deep freezer and a huge pantry. I'd buy all the things. Besides smoothies, Monique's strawberry mango chopped spinach salad sounds like the perfect way to use some of my fresh produce.

/ / Jordan and I can't stop listening to Brandon Flowers' latest album. Have you listened yet? It's so good!

Happy Weekend, all!

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