Welcome! I’m Catherine. For me, it's important to stretch my mind, travel far, and always have a stash of dark chocolate.

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IMG_2996 Playing | Brandon Flowers' new album still. On a completely other topic, I've had a desire to play Gin Rummy. What are your favorite card games?

Going | I went to the pool in our building for the first time last week. I'll be going even more often as the temperature climbs! Thankfully, some portions of our pool deck is in the shade so I can still enjoy being outside without getting too much sun exposure.

Wearing | I recently bought light wash denim shorts for my summer wardrobe. I needed to add a few more pieces considering summer is longer in the south. The shorts are a bit playful as far as clothing is playful. :-) I also was in Old Navy recently looking for work shorts and while I didn't buy any shorts, I did buy knock off Swedish Hasbeens! A good $15 option to tide me over until I can get some real ones.

Sipping | Coffee, water and La Croix. My favorite flavor is still cherry-lime, but I've also been enjoying plain lemon.

Reading | A few weeks ago, I ordered several books from my library. I found several great suggestions from Marla's reading guides, but I'm still waiting for to come in. I'm beginning to become antsy! In the meantime, I've been reading a lot of blogs on my bloglovin' feed.

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