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bowling We're in those Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days of SUMMER!

Whenever I hear that phrase I always think of the Gilmore Girls episode. You know, the one where Lorelai has that dream she's having Luke's twins? One night last week Jordan and I were deciding on a show to watch and nothing was appealing, especially after just finishing Friends, so we decided to start Gilmore Girls from the beginning. I'm not even sure how many times we've watched the show in its entirety, but it felt right.

Anyway, Nashville is hot folks; humid and in the 90s for days. But I'm not exactly complaining because I don't work outside and we have a pool. The only "work" I do outside is occasionally taking the garbage out. haha. Even though it's been hot we've been having a lot of fun, both outside and indoors (who doesn't love a casual game of bowling?).

I'm rather excited about this weekend. Tomorrow evening I'll be frolicking in my bathing suit beside a pool, celebrating my best friend's birthday with a bunch of friends! Lauren and I haven't lived in the same state in several years and it's about time we're together again for these events.

I hope you find yourself around a pool, sprinkler, Slip-n-Slide or, if all else fails, a cold shower to cool off from the heat!

On to the links!

/ / Summer Hosting and Making a Home. I, like Megan, wouldn't classify myself as organized or exceptionally tidy. I value a clean bathroom and kitchen, but I can handle a certain level of disorganization. I can easily eat breakfast, read blogs, and take a shower all before deciding to straighten the house. Jordan and I joke that our house is never as clean as right before we have guests... even at the hint of visitors, our place becomes spotless.

Continually eliminating the clutter helps whip your home into a warm and comfortable environment for guests.

/ / I finished Andie's weight loss memoir this week and discovered she maintains an active blog! I read through some older posts and thought this one about travel and eating healthy was relevant for summer. It's easier to eat healthy when staying in a large city because you walk everywhere and there are more food options. It's those road trips that only seem to offer fast food that get me!

/ / 12 Affordable Vegetarian Meals! After picking up my CSA every Tuesday, my refrigerator is quite literally bursting with vegetables. Cate's entire blog is dedicated to vegetarian meals which is helpful for me as I don't want to waste any of our precious produce. The sweet potato burritos and spicy lentil soup sound particularly tasty.

/ / You know that feeling after you read or see something impactful and suddenly the topic seems to pop up everywhere in flashing lights like to say: LISTEN TO ME! That happened to me this week, as I finished reading Cold Tangerines by Shauna Niequist and subsequently read Brittany's blog post.

"...Everything is interim. Every season that I thought was stable and would be just how it was for a long time ended up being a preparation or a path to the next thing. When you decide to be on this journey with God, everything is interim." -- Cold Tangerines 

"Being a mom — whether it’s to the 6-week-old human fetus inside you or the 6-week-old infant in your arms or the 16-year-old teenager taking off in his car for the first time — invites constant temptation to worry, to fear, to worst-case-scenario nightmares. If I think the worries will end at 13 weeks, I have a lot to learn." 

I very much want my current season of wanting and hoping to end, but really every season has the ability to bring fear and worry and unless I fully surrender, I will continually spin on my hamster wheel.

/ / Several months back, Susanna reached out to several bloggers, me included, to help compile a list of Spring Date Ideas. It was fun participating and later reading through all of the different posts to gain inspiration. I was glad Susanna decided to do a Summer Date edition. I shared our experience using Divvy Bikes in Chicago!

Happy Weekend, all!

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