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IMG_3094 I started this week extremely tired. My hours over the weekend were long and even though I had two days off in the middle of the week, working full days on Saturday and Sunday left me exhausted! On Saturday we managed to squeeze in a visit to the CMA Fest downtown (hello, people watching!). A co-worker of mine's band played a great set in the scorching heat and afterwards we walked up and down Broadway before retreating back to our air-conditioned apartment. I haven't been that hot in a long time!

My hours were lighter this week which worked in my advantage because we had several planned evenings out: birthdays, movie nights and work parties. Speaking of movie nights, we went to see Jurassic World on Tuesday but beforehand we rented the original because I couldn't quite remember if I had seen it. Shocking, I know! The original holds up quite well but this new version is also really enjoyable and possibly the best blockbuster I've seen in a long time. I've been a fan of Chris Pratt since his days on Everwood and his career arc* has been fun to watch!

Let's hit those links!

/ / Reconciliation in Marriage. Jordan and I have a good marriage, I won't pretend otherwise but that doesn't mean we aren't continually growing and learning how to be better partners for each other. I have a choice everyday to love Jordan deeply in the way he needs to be loved. Susanna's post resonated with me, especially this point below. It's an aspect of myself that I continually fight against.

"What didn’t occur to me until this last summer is that my habit of wounding and withdrawing perpetually gave me the illusion that I was the victim instead of the victimizer."  

/ / Who doesn't like a coffee date (or tea), even virtual coffee dates. Maybe one day I can join Anna in person!

"We’d talk about expectations. Everything I’m learning lately has to do with them–setting them, managing them, and living (or not living) up to them. I’d tell you that every day I’m reminded that the only expectations I can hold people to are the ones that they know about."

/ / 3 Ways to Save Money While Traveling: grocery store, grocery store, grocery store! Okay there are more tips than shopping at a local grocery store, but this has been something Jordan and I do often while traveling! We've found this especially helpful while in large cities such as NYC, London, Paris and Chicago when staying at an AirBnB that features a kitchen.

/ / How to Make Your Flowers Last Longer. Jenna makes beautiful flower arrangements and her tips for keeping your fresh flowers fresh were really helpful. I would have never thought to sanitize your vase with a little bleach and to remove all of the leaves that might touch the water. That little trick keeps bacteria at bay!

/ / Staying Healthy at Your Desk. When I switched from working in an office to working at a coffee shop one would think I'd instantly gain weight what with the endless amount of pastries and high calorie drinks. The exact opposite happened to me. I'm on my feet all day and snacking only occurs at meal times. Jordan now works outside of the home so I want to make sure to set him up for success. He has a fast metabolism so weight gain isn't a concern, but filling up on healthy fats, grains, protein and vegetables is important regardless of the reasoning.

Happy Weekend, all!

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*Chris and the director, Colin Trevorrow, were guests on The Nerdist this week. It was an interesting discussion where they talked about Hollywood and Chris' career arc.

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