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WELD This week marked a change in our home life. Jordan has joined WELD, a creative community and co-working space in Nashville. For the past three and a half years, he's exclusively worked from home albeit with the occasional client visit, business lunch or afternoon at a coffee shop. A few months ago, Jordan was presented with the opportunity to join WELD and he began the process of becoming a member.  If there ever was a right time for transition, we both felt like this could be it. I'm excited for Jordan professionally and creatively, but it feels like I'm sending him off to school for the first time. Will he make friends? Did I pack enough snacks? Will he forget about me? Haha.

It's rather silly, but I've grown accustomed to coming home from work, at any time of day, to a happy greeting from my husband. I've been spoiled!

There are benefits to our new arrangement, things such as: now I get to greet him when he comes home... and watching anything on Netflix I want without worrying about interrupting a conference call. Did you all know The Baby-sitters Club is on Netflix? I remember watching that show when my family first moved to Chicago in 1993. I was thoroughly obsessed with the books and kept a notebook with every title I read so I could keep on track. This show brings back a flood of lovely memories. Thanks to Katie for pointing it out to me!

On to the links!

/ / BreAnna's weekly grocery hauls inspire me to grocery shop more efficiently. This week, she shared six budget friendly and healthy snacks. I'm always curious how people snack. I usually stick to three square meals in a day but Jordan loves to snack in between, so I'm continually on the search for healthy and less processed treats to keep in the house. What are you snacking on?

/ / 10 Ways to Inspire Movement. It's far to easy for me to skip a work out. I'm on my feet at work, only sitting during my breaks. Despite my best intentions to convince myself, I recognize that standing while making lattes isn't the same as cardio. ;-) I've been saving my favorite beauty YouTube videos to watch while on the elliptical as my inspiration.

/ / Six Ways to Simplify Summer. Time in the summer months seem to be on turbo speed compared to February. It's easy to want to fill up your entire calendar with fun events, but it can also get overwhelming to manage those plans. I love Daisy's suggestion to protect the blank spaces on your calendar, so to allow for spontaneity.

"Resist the temptation to fill those empty days; leave yourself time to be spontaneous. When that day arrives, do whatever suits your fancy (and the weather), and don’t worry about not accomplishing anything. Sometimes spontaneity leads to an activity we’ve needed all along."

That's exactly how I felt about last Saturday.

/ / How to Stay Organized in a Small Space. It hasn't been easy to whittle our belongings down to fit into an apartment that has one main closet (the other two closets hold our washer/dryer and water heater). We have music and home office equipment that is tucked under beds and couches. Everything (mostly) has a place. It is extremely important to stay neat in a smaller space and thankfully it doesn't take long to clean our place!

/ / Did you all catch the Gilmore Girls reunion at the ATX festival last weekend? It seemed like all the entertainment news outlets were buzzing about it! EW has a portion of the live panel on their website. It was so fun seeing the cast (minus only a few!) laughing and sharing stories from their time on the set.

Happy Weekend, all!

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