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When Bloggers Lunch

_DSC0817 Last weekend, I met up with a few Nashville blogger friends (AshleyRebecca, Emily) at Rosepepper Cantina in East Nashville. Ashley coordinated the whole day and it was such a treat to talk "blog shop" with other ladies. The food and drinks were excellent and Rosepepper's patio has a fun atmosphere. I love the outdoor eating culture in Nashville!

When I first moved to town, besides hanging with the few friends I knew, I connected with other bloggers from Nashville. A couple of those bloggers happened to be Ashley and Rebecca, who I met within the first couple of weeks! I went on a lot of blind blogger dates in those early days. Those blind dates have now turned into blossoming friendships with women whom I love and respect. It's been special to form new relationships with women who also share a passion for blogging.

I'm not sure I mentioned this story before, but Emily and I met last year at a Creative Mornings event in Chicago. Jordan and I were sitting close to Emily and he gently nudged me to talk to this girl who was just a couple seats over. Emily and I started talking, and we discovered we were both bloggers! After exchanging information we found out we had a lot more in common. One major thing we shared, was our upcoming moves to Nashville. Crazy, right?

I am so grateful for the relationships I've been able to make so far through the art of blogging. I can't wait to see what fun adventures lie ahead!





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